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Mia Music. 8, likes · talking about this. Mia (Mia Music) has been an up and coming artist since December of She is from Austin, TX is.

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MIA emerged on the music scene in the mids, the perfect antidote to confection pop. all far more commercially successful artists, have wanted to collaborate and borrow some of her.
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MIA emerged on the music scene in the mids, the perfect antidote to confection pop. all far more commercially successful artists, have wanted to collaborate and borrow some of her.

She moved to India with her baby son, Ikhyd, and wasn't heard of for ages. Now she's back, post-retirement, with a new album, so she can tell us about her retirement. Hard to get your head around?

Welcome to Planet MIA. We meet in east London, where she now lives. At 38, she still looks like a little girl: She arrives with Ikhyd, now four, a sweet boy with huge brown eyes. The fact that he is here with her is a story in itself. For the past couple of years, MIA has been fighting a custody battle.

Until recently, it looked as if she would lose her son to her former fiance, Benjamin Bronfman , unless she agreed to bring up Ikhyd in the US.

As she says, tranquillity in her life tends to be transient at best, "the calm before the storm". MIA prides herself on her normality. Her publicist tells me that she is one of the few stars who will turn up by herself, no fuss, just a regular civilian.

But appearances can be deceptive. Sure, we're not far from the council flat where she grew up, but this is a fancy members' club with a pool on the roof and hipsters perched on sun loungers, cocktail in one hand, iPhone in the other.

And she fits in perfectly: Within seconds, Ikhyd is crying. He has been told he can go swimming, but the pool has been divided into lanes for adults. She mops his tears and they strike a deal. Her mini entourage takes him off for a treat, while we're left to chat conspiracies, terrorism, even music, as if she's never been away.

MIA emerged on the music scene in the mids, the perfect antidote to confection pop. For a start, she wrote much of her own music, an unlikely, often inspired mash of rap, nursery rhymes, bhangra, electronic dance and punk. Music writers created a whole new lexicon to describe her sound, including the fabulous "gangsta shoegaze".

But she railed against commercial success, and at the first sniff of a big hit — Paper Planes , which sampled the Clash's Straight To Hell, and made the US and UK top 20 — she recoiled. And, to an extent, this is true. She says she grew up being told what she could do: If you're talking about politics, don't wear lipstick. If you're dancing in a club, don't talk about Sri Lanka. Which is exactly what she did. You could see her art school background in the attention to detail, in the way she dressed: At times, she looked like a Fauvist painting.

Romain Gavras the son of film-maker Costa-Gavras directed Bad Girls for her, with its high-speed car chases, and before that Born Free , which tackled the issue of ethnic cleansing by showing redheads being rounded up by police and taken to a desert to be shot.

It was meant to stoke controversy, and sure enough YouTube refused to host it. She has had surprisingly few hits Paper Planes is her only really successful single and many have failed to chart, yet Jay Z, Kanye West and Madonna, all far more commercially successful artists, have wanted to collaborate and borrow some of her credibility. We're sitting on a hanging sofa in the shadows, and MIA is swinging away happily, drinking coffee.

It's the last thing she needs: Her music has always been about family: Her second album was named after her mother, Kala. Her third album was Maya, the name she grew up with in England and still goes by it's easier for English people, she says. And now Matangi, her birth name. She was born in Hounslow, south-west London, in When she was six months old, the family moved to Jaffna, a Tamil town in Sri Lanka.

She barely remembers her father Arul, even though she has read plenty about him. He left to join the struggle for Tamil independence, and she and her two siblings were brought up by her mother.

Just before her 11th birthday, they came to England as refugees; her mother worked as a seamstress for the royal family. She says that whenever she asked her mother why she was called Mathangi, she got a vague answer about being named after a newsreader. She didn't think any more about it until she became interested in Hinduism. I thought, this is funny, and within an hour there were so many things that linked up all these things. She fights for freedom of speech and stands for truth, and lives in the ghetto because her dad was the first person in Hindu mythology who came from the 'hood, but had gained enlightenment through not being a Brahmin.

Did she shout, "Mum, I've worked out why you called me Mathangi: So why has Hinduism been such an influence? Squares are logical and scientific. They create tools, so Steve Jobs would have been a square. I love the entire cast especially Meryl Streep. The music and singing was fabulous! And ABBA is my all time favorite.

Would give more stars but Steve Hamilton May 7, Melissa Ngai June 22, Hope Estrada May 9, Mamma Mia wants to start at all the music that I grew up with my grandma grew up with my mother grew up with now my daughter is growing up with them I love the soundtrack I love the music at all they make them it makes you feel Full Review. Shay L November 3, Nicole Foshee February 12, A Google User August 6, Rich Converse March 30, Mamma Mia Grab your feelings: It is 1 of the best songs but I've ever heard.

Amahra Barnes July 7, Mamma Mia song's I have to get this or I'm going to kill myself!!! Dana M Cumbee Lizenby May 10, So buy one or more, or maybe the whole album, even, lol!

Jagpal kaur September 20, Cool I love mamma mia best m m i love lay all your love me and name of the game i have a dream thank you for the music all the songs Full Review. Belle Wong November 3, Loved the movie and the original songs, but these match up with the movie sequences! I love this song and the best movie ever in my top ten. Megan Carol May Hamlin April 21, This is one of the greatist mov ies evet now you can get the best music ftom it Full Review.

Jennifer Chambers April 16, Great soundtrack but missing a song I love this soundtrack, but it's missing chiquitita, which is one of my favorites in the movie. Love AbA listened to it all the time when I was Lil girl: This album is the best has all the songs from our favorite clasdic movie mama mia Full Review.

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Synopsis. M.I.A. was born to Sri Lankan parents in London, England, in She got her start in the arts as a graphic artist and filmmaker before transitioning into music and releasing her first. Mia Music. 8, likes · talking about this. Mia (Mia Music) has been an up and coming artist since December of She is from Austin, TX is. Listen to your favorite songs from Mamma Mia by Various artists Now. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Download our mobile app now.