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A quick note on baby clothes in the early days: everyone and their mom is going to buy you baby clothes, whether you ask for them or not, so you really don’t need to register for a ton, except for a few key items, which is what you’ll find here.
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Dc just made the ELA score for hunter perfect math score --wondering if his score will go up or down next year. I think you are right [ Reply More. Native Oregonian here and I kind of agree with this. I do love the rain and find the grey to be very peaceful, but it's hard for a lot of transplants. Pac NWer here- climate change is making things warmer and drier.

If you are thinking about the Pacific Northwest for a vacation or a year, it's iffy. If you are thinking about the next years of your life, climate change will make it a lot more inviting. I'd suggest another country. We are moving to LA. I will take sunny days and superficial people over the crap of this city any day at this point. He literally didn't even come to meet her until she was 2 and it's a name inspired by my family heritage But what makes me really ill is he is frequently in photos on social media with super sketchy party people, fetish types and gross women etc..

I know as a non custodial parent he shouldn't be posting her photos for all of these people which he is doing even though I asked to stop but can he seriously have this big visible tattoo of her name???? He's a selfish ass. He really is just not very smart. I read online that as a minor a non custodial parent cannot use her name or image in media-- but i highly doubt that could include the tattoo. LOL, no, you can't.

You are a cautionary tale of making one's bed and then having to lie in it. Just wanted to make sure. Legally no its not his child. Nor is it his name or likeness. You had unprotected sex with him and chose to carry the pregnancy to term.

You're stuck with him and his choices for as long as he is in your daughter's life. Remember the old adage, "Marry in haste; repent at leisure"? It is totally about your kinds of bad choices. Block him from your facebook so you don't have to see the photos, but his tattoos and friends are not under your control.

She said hes non custodial. If he doesnt have legal custody he has no rights to the child other than any visits he is allowed. He legally is not the child's guardian. Is he on the birth certificate? Does he have rights to visitation and a relationship with the daughter? We are moving to NYC from cali and I like an apartment that is 15k a month. I am so frustrated when we can clearly afford these things.

Is this a joke? You can't afford it. Is this a permanent move? Get an apt for 10k and send to public. I'm assuming k is annual after taxes. After taxes [ Reply More. You can't afford it--simple math: OP said after taxes [ Reply More. Ok so K of that would be gone. OP, can you pay all your bills, food, travel, clothes, classes, etc. You can easily move into a good zone and send your kids public, at least K Trolll LaLa [ Reply More. If you are paying 15k a month for an apartment in a good school zone then you are a fool to send to private.

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It has been about twenty years now. I had a dermoid cyst. How are the able to tell? Did you have it removed? Hurt when I was ovulating. Other times I just felt a pressure could feel the cyst, if that makes any sense. Had follow up ultrasounds done and it disappeared 3 months after diagnosis.

I just found out I had one last month. Im on my period and having some pain on that side, feel like I can feel the cyst which sounds crazy. Period is also heavier than usual. Follow up in 2 weeks. I had exactly the same symptoms plus backache and blood in discharge when ovulating. I was totally freaking out and thinking worse case scenario. Take a deep breath. It will be fine. Cysts are very common. We are close and I help her as much as I can, driving her to appointments,cleaning her yard, shoveling her snow, etc.

We live in a small house that she owns, paying rent that is bellow market value. It works out for everyone involved, she seems dc often and we are around to help her. However, lately MIL has been bad mouthing my dh her son!

Butting in in our finances, calling dh irresponsible. Dh is beyond pissed off and ready to move. He also resents me for throwing him under the bus. How can I fix this? I feel like I've opened the door for her behavior because I do confide in her sometimes like I would a friend. He works so is often not around. I sah so do it during the day until he comes home. A woman is incapable of shovelling snow?

I live in NYC. I guess the small house, yard work, snow shoveling sounds flyover. The truth is that you raised a fine man, who is a great husband, father, and provider. And then stop badmouthing him. We don't live with her. We are on the same block, a few houses down. What does it do after the peeling part. My DH is in a dark place and I am actually afraid of him sometimes, I have small kids, and work full-time and I'm barely keeping my head above water.

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An online kids shop of modern clothing for infants and toddlers, focusing on mom and pop designed and created products. Great selection of kids apparel for litt. Wrap your little one in custom Urban baby clothes. Cozy comfort at Zazzle! Personalized baby clothes for your bundle of joy. Choose from huge ranges of designs today! Urban styles are all the rage these days. And if you are an urban mom or dad, you probably want to make sure your baby is always dressed in the latest urban fashions too. Luckily, urban babyclothes are widely available! No more run-of-the-mill or boring baby attire, you and your little one can hit .